Charlotte drunkenly gets with Scotty T on Geordie Shore!? But she vows not to cheat on Max!?

Charlotte Crosby’s new romance has already been rife with Geordie Shore-worthy drama – but now she’s vowed to never cheat on Love Island lover Max Moorely in the house.

But already we spy a bump in the road! Max better stay away from tonight’s episode, as Charlotte drunkenly gets off with Scotty T in a cab during this series special trip to Malia.

Charlotte told Star Magazine today, ‘Max says he trusts me not to get with anyone while I’m filming Geordie Shore. I’m not going to sleep with anyone on that show ever again – I’d never do that to Max, even though I’ve only known him for two months.’



Charlotte and Scotty do say they are too close to get with each other properly, so maybe it was just the vodka? But we’re sure Max won’t see that as an excuse, Charlotte!

Still, considering only last month, Max’s ex Jess Hayes slammed him for his swift relationship with Charlotte, claiming that he used her to win Celebrity Love Island, and now is using the Geordie Shore beauty for the fame too, this is only more drama stirred into the mix.

Charlotte added: ‘I won’t worry about him getting with another girl while I’m away, although it would upset me.’

Let’s just hope bygones are left to be bygones and her vow of celibacy is starting from… now!

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Tom Capon