The Loose Women star on parenting...

Loose Women star Alison Hammond, 42, is a single mum to 12-year-old son, Aiden. Now caught up with her to talk about parenting, teen years and healthy eating…

Hey Alison! Aiden is about to hit the teen years. Are you prepared?

Do you know something? He’s like a moody teenager already. But he’s still gorgeous though.

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What are his teen-like traits?

All the usual stuff. Being a parent I have to negotiate every single day. So I say, ‘come on have breakfast’. He says ‘no’. So I say, ‘You’re having breakfast, it’s part of the day darling’ (laughs).

(Now cracks up laughing).

I’m the best negotiator, I could get a job as a negotiator, I can negotiate anything.

You’re actually working on a Ts & Cs campaign…

There should be Ts & Cs on having a child. They’d say, ‘don’t have one’! (laughs).

You’ve got a great SOH. Does Aiden find you funny?

Sometimes but sometimes he hates my guts. Most of the time he’s very loving.

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What do you two enjoy doing together?

He’s really into Formula 1 so we go driving most Sundays. He wants to be the next Lewis Hamilton. All kids want to be that, but to be honest, he’s actually really quite good!

Aiden’s at secondary school; do you help him with homework a lot?

Every single night. I’m sure the teachers take the mickey sometimes with some of the things they get us to do. At the moment he’s got to do sewing and cross stitching but he loves the cross-stitching. It shuts him up for ages; gets him off the Xbox!

How DO you stop him using electronic devices at night?

I don’t think he knows but his phone settings are for a 9-year old (laughs). I’m a nasty mum; he hates me, because I’m onto everything. I’ve got this brilliant app – OurPact – on my phone that lets me shut down his phone. When I go to bed, I shut down his phone and all I can hear in his room is ‘ergghhhh!’ and then he goes to sleep!

Is there a meal that he loves you to cook?

He’s like me; he loves chicken, lasagne, pasta. I’ve made small changes to his diet that he doesn’t even know about; we have brown pasta now!

Alison is working with Together Mutual Insurance  the #MindYourTsandCsCampaign. Head to