A possible love rat is in the Love Island villa!


The summer. A time of sunshine, pub gardens and the great outdoors. Right?

Wrong! Since the arrival of the brand spankin’ new season of Love Island, we’ve been one massive, unapologetic couch potato- whats so great about wearing clothes that aren’t pyjamas anyway?!

This week in Love Island drama, we’ve had Camilla sharing her first kiss with Johnny (our hearts, we just can’t), Amber managing to wind up the entire nation and the possible exposure of a love rat amongst the boys…

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Of course, we know that everyone has a past- however, it is when that past comes back to haunt you and your stint on ITV2 that problems begin to arise.

And so, it appears that one of the Love Island ‘fella’s might have just been exposed as a love rat via social media…


Earlier last week, a make-up artist named Amy had taken to her social media to share a Tweet which appeared to accuse one member of the Love Island crew of lying to her.

The Tweet, which reads ‘It’s all fun and games until the guy you are texting says he’s going on holiday… Ends up on @lovevisland’, has made a massive impression with the online Love Island crew- with many calling for the lady to enter the villa and confront the unnamed ‘fella.

Though Amy refrained from sharing the name of the contestant on her profile, a friend appeared to give a slight pointer to which ‘fella it could be- replying to the Tweet with the message ‘He isn’t sh*t. Looks like a knock off Spencer Matthews’. 

Interesting… V. v interesting…

Credits- @amysmakeupbox

Many Love Island fans have encouraged Amy to get herself on the next plane over to the overseas ITV2 gaff, with one reply reading ‘@amysmakeupbox @LoveIsland STOP OMG WHAT @LoveIsland GET HER ON THE SHOW NOW’.

With many viewers also calling for TOWIE’s Jon Clarke to make his way over to the Love Island villa and confront former beau Chloe, lets hope the Love Island bosses pull all the drama out the bag this series!

Alice Perry