Kem's revealed why he didn't feel entirely comfortable as a presenter

Love Island star Kem Cetinay has landed all sorts of huge projects since winning the show, not least a stint as an entertainment presenter on Good Morning Britain with girlfriend Amber Davies.

However, it looks like that’s the last we’ll see of Kem on the show as he’s revealed that he WON’T be going back, having struggled to adapt to the role.


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Kem – who worked as a hairdresser before finding fame – admits he found presenting ‘hard’ and isn’t sure that he’s suited to it.

‘That was hard. I’m glad because, no one’s got that type of opportunity from that type of show, so to be given it was a privilege,’ the 21-year-old explains.

‘But I just think, I’m not a presenter and it was quite hard for me.’

Kem and Amber received a mixed reaction from GMB viewers during their time on the ITV programme, with some labelling them ‘out of their depth’ and ‘not natural enough’.

Speaking about the backlash they endured from some, Kem tells The Sun Online: ‘You’re always going to get a lot of critics, which is fine.

‘I think people found me funny, but presenting is a lot more scripted and you’ve got to read facts and I’m not the best reader in the world.’

Despite this, Kem thinks that 20-year-old girlfriend Amber did a fantastic job though he himself would prefer a different form of presenting.

‘Amber, I thought she was amazing, but me, I was just a bit like I’d rather be asked questions and wing it, rather than reading off the thing,’ he says.

‘But it was a good experience don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed it but I’d rather do things more natural.’

Fortunately Kem’s got plenty of other things to keep him busy right now where he’ll get to show his more ‘natural’ side.

The reality star has been filming his own series with BFF Chris Hughes set to air on ITV2 next month and the duo are also releasing a fitness DVD later this year.