Forget Love 'Island', these two seem to be stuck on the Love 'Rollercoaster'!

Ah Olivia Attwood and Chris Hughes. They’ve been on and off more times than we can count, and in their latest love saga it seems these two could be off again. Either that or they’re having a big, old grump with each other like normal!

Anyway, this morning fans woke up to a rather cryptic tweet Olivia posted in the early hours.

It read: ‘And sometimes you can do everything in your power to make something work, and it’s still not enough.’ But it was soon deleted.


But, in normal fan-style, a few of her 300K followers went into overdrive that the pair had split up AGAIN and were totes devo!

‘Have u and Chris split?’, one asked. While another questioned: ‘What has happened are you and Chris ok.’

Olivia didn’t add any further comment. Oooo cryptic.

Meanwhile, Chris kept quiet too and posted this…

WHAT DOES IT MEAN? Is the glass half full? It is half empty? C’mon guys you can’t keep us hanging on the edge of our seats like this, jeez!

Earlier in the night, Chris was hanging out with Love Island BFF Kem Cetinay as they launched their single.

Weirdly, Chris made no mention of Olivia in this gushing thank you message about the support he had received for his music:


Of course, if these two have split, it wouldn’t be the first time. Even on Love Island we struggled to keep up and while it’s been two months since the pair have been together, they have also split during that time too.

Back in August, just after leaving the Island, Olivia was spotted with her ex and Chris pulled the rip chord. It didn’t take long until they were back together again though.

Just five days ago the pair seemed more loved up than ever as Olivia posted this on Instagram:

Hi i'm being hungover and dramatic but I feel like I have a limb missing 🥀 #NotSorry #PartnerInCrime

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And Chris posted a cute two-month dedication to his lady:

2 Months 🌹❤️

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Hummm, we’ll wait and see.

What do you think? Are Olivia and Chris a match made in heaven or should they sack it all in? Tweet us @celebsnow.