The reality stars have put their bodies through a lot

Lucy Mecklenburgh and Ryan Thomas found love on Celebrity Island but that’s not the only big change they experienced.

The pair have revealed just how much they put their bodies through on the survival show by sharing photos in their underwear taken before and after the programme and it’s pretty shocking stuff.


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Lucy, 26, posted pictures of herself wearing the same black bikini which show that trying to survive on the island took a toll on her figure.

‘My poor little body!!!!’ the former TOWIE star captioned the post on Tuesday night. ‘Soooooo emotional watching the last ep of #celebrityisland .. I can’t believe we did it.. I can’t believe I did it 😃 what an experience! I will never doubt myself ever again!!

‘Met some incredible people that will be friends for life. So proud of us all!! #celebrityisland #beargrylls #theisland’

Thankfully Lucy has reassured fans that she’s since gained the pounds she lost during the experience.

‘PS It only took me 3 weeks to put all my weight back on! I ate ALOT HAHAHHA!!!! 🥞 🍰🍔🌭🍕🥓🍤🍟🍦🍫🎂🍿🍩🍪,’ she added.

Meanwhile Ryan, 33, posted snaps where he’s seen wearing a pair of black boxers both pre and post Celebrity Island and opened up about just how gruelling it was.

‘The journey we ve been on is indescribable,’ the ex-Coronation Street actor wrote. ‘Not even a television show can put into perspective how mentally and physically we got tested on this island.

‘My before and after is an example of the lack of food, 8 days no eating trying to survive with so little energy. I m extremely proud of myself and my fellow islander. Couldn’t have done it without you guys.’

Fans of the show have praised Lucy and Ryan for managing to get through such a tough experience, and the couple’s budding romance has also proved a hit with viewers.

‘You have been amazing @ryanthomas84 and the lovely relationship with lucy is beautiful to watch,’ one Instagram user commented, whilst another told Ryan: ‘You were amazing on the island and you and Lucy make a lovely couple’

The pair seemed to hint that their relationship is getting serious over the weekend when both shared photos at an event which Ryan had also brought his daughter Scarlett to, suggesting that Lucy has been introduced to his little girl – awww.

Here’s hoping their romance will be a much smoother experience than surviving on Celebrity Island!