Former TOWIE girl Lucy Mecklenburgh is climbing Mount Kilimanjaro for Cystic Fibrosis Trust

Most 24-year-olds would be spending their week clocking in and out of work, and trying to just make it until the weekend when they can have a glass of wine and hit the dance floor to bust out all of their best moves.

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But not 24-year-old Lucy Meklenburgh. She’s climbing Mount Kilimanjaro for charity – THAT’S what she’s doing!

Sharing a pic of her on the mountain, the former TOWIE star posted an emotional message along with the selfie.

‘SUMMIT NIGHT TOMORROW!!! Omg!!! Anyone that has climbed Kilimanjaro can imagine how I’m feeling right now!! Scared, excited, tired & cold are the main feelings haha!

The photo Lucy shared was actually from a few days ago: ‘I’m 5 days into my Kilimanjaro climb! I’m seriously shocked I’m even this far it’s sooooooo hard!!! Physically & emotionally!’

She then went on share how gruelling the climb actually was, and why she was doing it all.

‘Tomorrow night at midnight we start walking to the summit -20 in the dark for 7 hours!!! wish me lucky guys!!!! – to find out why I’m doing this crazy climb!’

Lucy Mecklenburgh is tackling this 10-day hike with her Results with Lucy team to raise money for the Cystic Fibrosis Trust, after being inspired by one of the trainers at her at her exercise company who was diagnosed with the condition, Sophie Holmes.

‘When I found out that Sophie, one of my trainers at Results with Lucy, has CF I was totally shocked. I am honest enough to admit I knew nothing about the condition and it is horrific.’

Talking to the MailOnline, Lucy went on to share how much her trainer inspires her on a daily basis: ‘Sophie humbles me every day – she’s a complete inspiration. She throws herself into exercise and does amazingly but others are not as well as her and there is no cure.’

‘It really is a life sentence, sufferers have to go through so much I cannot begin to describe. Anything I can do to help I will.’

Well done Lucy! What an amazing thing to do for an amazing cause.

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