TOWIE star Lydia Bright got her fans thinking she was pregnant AND engaged with her latest Instagram post

Lydia Bright has managed to get her Instagram followers thinking that she was engaged AND pregnant with just a single snap.

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The photo in question pictures a close up of the TOWIE star’s hands crossed over one another in a pose often used by mums-to-be on their growing bellies – and also featured an impressive piece of bling on her ring finger.

Her fans quickly got the wrong end of the stick, with one writing: ‘Looks like you’re pregnant!????!!!!!’

Another posted: ‘Looks like a preggers pose, bun in the oven? Xx’

Another said: ‘Thought you was preggers…’

Meanwhile, referring to the bling, one fan wrote: ‘Engagement ring????’

And they weren’t along, with another writing: ‘Engaged??’

But other fans were quick to point out two key flaws in the pregnancy/engagement conspiracy theories. One – the shot was taken against her legs, not her belly. And two – the ring appears to be on her right hand, not the left.

At ease, everyone! At ease.

In actual fact, Lydia shared the snap in order to show off her gorgeous deep purple manicure! She captioned the snap: ‘Winter nails.’

But we can totally see how people got the wrong idea!

Still, we don’t think we’ll be haring the pitter-patter of tiny feet or wedding bells for Lydia anytime soon, after Lyds cut off all contact with boyfriend JamesArg’ Argent during Sunday’s instalment of The Only Way Is Essex after he lied about his whereabouts on a recent night out. Sad face.

Instead of staying at his mum’s house as planned with Lydia, Arg ended up crashing at Diag and Fran‘s house.

And that did NOT go down well with Lyd – yikes!