Sam Thompson and Tiff Watson’s relationship on Made in Chelsea came to an end when she cheated on him

Made in Chelsea has been a part of our lives for so long that we even know the cast’s younger siblings now.

And just like cupid, we jumped for joy when Louise’s brother, Sam Thompson, started to date Lucy Watson’s little sister, Tiff. Well, the second time round anyway.

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However, it wasn’t second time lucky for the couple as their romance came to a halt in true, dramatic, SW3 style, when Tiff cheated on Sam. Ouch.

‘Tiff’s news came out of the blue.’

And with the young whippersnapper has got tattoo of her initials on his arm and all. Double ouch.

Sam Thompson tattoo

‘What am I going to do with this tattoo? My parents and sister want me to get rid of it.’

This is why kids, you should steer away from getting someone’s name on you FOR LIFE. Someone call Jay and Sketch from Tattoo Fixers – PRONTO.

Sam doesn’t seem too bothered though, as he still likes it, so is going to keep it. You do you fella.

Talking about what Tiff had done though, the poor guy didn’t see it coming at all, and spent a lot of time getting over his first relationship. Stick some Adele on Sam – promise it’ll help!

‘I wouldn’t wish it upon anyone. She went away to Hong Kong – which I told her was a good move…not so much anymore!’

‘She was my main girlfriend. My first proper girlfriend. I’ve cried a lot on my own, not in front of anyone.’

‘I never had to deal with heartbreak.’

Oh Sammy boy!

As for whether this experience will turn him into a bit of a Spencer Matthews though, we think Sam’s a good enough egg to not let one bad relationship ruin love for him.

‘When I commit, I won’t cheat. I’m not a bad guy. I only have eyes for my girlfriend!’

Lucy didn’t expect Tiff to have done what she did, saying ‘it was out of character for Tiffany to cheat. She has a conscience though.’ And even Tiff herself was surprised at what she had done: ‘I’m not normally that kinda girl. I’m shocked at myself . If you make a mistake you should own up to it.’

But like they say, no-one will ever truly know what went on between the two of them. There’s always two sides of every story…

Oh – why is love never simple?

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