The singer has opened up about how her life choices have left her feeling oppressed


When you think of Madonna, you think of a woman who grabs life by the balls and doesn’t care about what anyone says or thinks.

But in a rare interview the 58-year-old singer has opened up about how the constant judgement of her life choices – such as having boyfriends over 30 years younger than her – has left her feeling vilified and ‘oppressed’.

Talking to Harpers Bazaar Madge revealed: ‘I’ve always felt oppressed. I know a lot of people would go, “Oh, that’s ridiculous for you to say that. You’re a successful white, wealthy pop star,” but I’ve had the s*** kicked out of me for my entire career, and a large part of that is because I’m female and also because I refuse to live a conventional life. I’ve created a very unconventional family. I have lovers who are three decades younger than me. This makes people very uncomfortable. I feel like everything I do makes people feel really uncomfortable.’

And she is right, remember that high kick she did while filming Carpool Karaoke with James Corden? People didn’t like it…


But it’s nice to know even Madonna has days where she feels slightly insecure despite being know for being outspoken.

Over the years Madge has been know to date a few younger men. Most recently she has been linked to 26-year-old model Aboubakar Soumahoro. She also dated 29-year-old dancer Timor Steffens in 2014, had a two-year romance with Jesus Luz who was 29 years younger than her and had a fling with 30-year-old Frenchman Brahim Zaibat.

Continuing in the interview Madge said she hasn’t avoided heartbreak in the past: ‘I’ve obviously been devastated or heartbroken all my life, since my mother’s death. I’ve had so many challenges throughout my career, however successful people perceive me to be. The only way I’ve been able to survive the betrayal of lovers, family members, and society is to be able to create as an artist.’