Made in Chelsea: L.A is back on our screens tonight, and with Mark Francis back in our lives, here's why he'd make the perfect boyfriend!

Made in Chelsea is back boys and girls – and the gang and sunning it up in the glitzy hills of L.A (we’re definitely not jealous at all, not one bit…)

Binky Felstead and JP are still flirting with one another like two kids on a playground, who even knows WHAT on earth’s going on with Jamie Laing and Jess (he can date new American girl Naz but would be ‘pissed off’ if she dated someone…riiiighttt) and Stephanie Pratt and Josh are acting for like a married couple, but as things seem to work out in Chelsea – for how much longer?

And while the couples of Chelsea are umm-ing and ahh-ing about their relationship statuses as per usual, there’s one very chiselled chap of SW3 that we’ve never seen with a love interest…UNTIL NOW PERHAPS!

In the first episode of tonight’s, Mark Francis meets someone who seems just as fabulous as he is dahhling! (Albeit, at a cemetery, which may not be the most romantic place, but y’know – each to their own) And when asked be Binky what he was doing last night, he says that he was ‘busy’ with a cheeky glint in his eye.

We have no idea what the 411 is with Mark Francis’ love life but we KNOW that he would be the best boyfriend in all of Chelsea, and let us tell you why!

1.) He’s the Shopping partner
You will NEVER be stuck for knowing what to wear again with Mark Francis’ expert advice on al things classic style and feisty fashion. And you’ll never be short of an #OOTD post as he scheduled in at least five outfit changes a day while in L.A, because wearing the same outfit to lunch as you did for breakfast is just simply ‘impossible’. And we thought just a change of sunglasses would do….

2.) You’ll only get the best
As someone who indulges in the finer things in life, you can be sure that Mark will always offer you a glass of bubbly…

…and that he’ll NEVER take you to Nandos!

3.)  He’s such a jetsetter
The Chelsea gang are known jetting off here, there, and everywhere, so don’t be surprised if you went to bed in one city and woke up in another while dating Mr.Vandelli. With a Russian millionaire socialite as a mother and Italian heritage on his dad’s side, you’ll always have someone exciting that you can call home. He even boasts Valentino as a close friend of his so he’s hoping he flies you off to Milan for a private fitting!

4.) He’s a Culture Vulture – you’d learn stuff
You’ll never run out of things to talk about – Mark is an expert on everything from the etiquette on whether one should wear a hair accessory or not, and getting acquainted with the heritage of the places he’s visiting – like a cemetery in L.A, naturally – Marky boy will be the fountain of knowledge and interesting facts that he’ll now doubt spout out at dinner parties and impress all your guests.

5.) You’ll always get 5 star service

Oh, if you’re not one for camping, never fear! With MF around, we’re sure you’ll never touch a sleeping bag again, and will always be hooked up in the finest and swankiest hotels.

6.) He’s got the confidence of a male model…

We couldn’t have said it any better than the man himself – why fix something that ain’t broke?

Meet you at the cemetery in our 3rd outfit of the day Mark!

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Oo-er! Watch the MiC boys play a round of Have You Ever…

Amy Lo