Uh-oh - things haven’t worked out for Jason and Kate from social experiment show Married At First Sight

It’s been eight months since controversial Channel 4 show Married At First Sight paired three sets of total strangers together who were, according to science, supposedly made for each other.

Unfortunately one couple from the series have already proved the theory wrong by ending their marriage in a very quick fashion.


Married At First Sight shock couple still together

Jason Knowles and Kate Stewart had their union nullified at a court hearing in London this week which took less than two minutes. Neither Jason nor Kate were in attendance.

Kate requested the marriage be annulled on the grounds that Jason had ‘willfully’ refused to consummate it, according to court paperwork as reported by the Belfast Telegraph. Jason didn’t contest her claim.

It comes just eight months after the pair wed as strangers on the social experiment TV show.

Despite seeming to hit it off when they got hitched on Married At First Sight, the marriage ran into trouble very early on as Kate discovered just after their honeymoon that Jason was using dating app Tinder – awkward.

During the last episode of the series Kate shared the shocking news – which had been shared with her by a friend – and the relationship seemed to be over.

‘A friend just sent me this and so I guess that’s it – the ring’s coming off,’ she told the camera. ‘Instead of coming to meet me right now to talk this through, he’s searching for a new wife on Tinder.’

In a video blog, Jason confided that he didn’t think ‘the attraction’ was there. And when his new wife booked a session with counsellor Jo Coker in a bid to improve the situation, Jason didn’t even bother to turn up.

Kate and Jason had also struggled to see each other following their marriage due to their busy careers. Jason works in the City whilst Kate runs her own personal fitness company.

Fortunately it seems that another Married At First Sight couple are having better luck. Emma Rathbone and James Ord-Hume are still together, despite admitting that they initially didn’t fancy each other.

Anna Francis