We reveal how the bankrupt actress was living the life of a Hollywood star

She was once the golden girl, appearing as Tiffany Mitchell in EastEnders and starring with Hugh Grant in 2003’s Love Actually.

But last week Martine McCutcheon, worth £1.5 million in 2003, was declared bankrupt, owing £187,000 to the taxman and her bank.

As she lies low at her £5,000-a-month rented home in Surrey, comforted by her singer-songwriter hubby Jack McManus, 28, we can reveal the secret reason why Martine, 36, has lost everything.

The star – who’s exclaimed: ‘I love nice things. I consider Ralph Lauren sheets a necessity, not a luxury’ – once stood £75,000 bail for an ex who was jailed in 2001 for taking part in a £30 million drug racket.

But it was later that her problems really started.

With no TV acting work since 2008, apart from a cameo in Midsomer Murders last month (for which she joked she was ‘paid in cheese and crackers’), Martine hasn’t been earning anything close to the reported £250,000 a year she did at the height of her fame.

Read the full story about Martine McCutcheon in Now magazine dated 25 February 2013 – out now!


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