Winner of BBC series still feels guilty over tragedy

She was crowned winner of MasterChef last night but Natalie Coleman was once involved in an incident that caused a man’s death.

Natalie still carries guilt over the night she went joyriding with a drunken biker who hit and killed a man as well as seriously injuring the man’s fiancée.

The incident happened in 2000 when the London-born chef got on a 750cc bike with pal Allen Shord, 46, after he’d downed four pints.

He hit the kerb at 27mph and slammed into Robin Bull, 32, and his fiancée Sarah Coles, dragging them 16 metres. Robin died the next day from his head injuries whilst Sarah spent three days in intensive care and suffered serious internal injuries.

‘It was the worst day of my life,’ says Natalie, 29.

‘I can’t imagine the pain that the family went through and must still be going through. I feel terrible that this ever happened.

‘It doesn’t go away. It was probably the worst thing that ever happened to me in my life. But it’s not so much my life – someone else’s got lost. I was lucky.’

Natalie, who was just 16 at the time and had been drinking underage, says she didn’t realise that Allen was so drunk. He is now wheelchair-bound and brain-damaged.

‘Thirteen years ago when she was sixteen, Natalie accepted a ride on the back of a motorbike from someone that she thought in good faith was sober. Unbeknown to her the driver was over the limit. 

Natalie has said the accident, victims and their families occupy her thoughts daily,’ a MasterChef spokesman tells The Sun.

‘The driver was convicted and went to jail. Natalie was never charged in connection with the accident nor was she required to appear in court.’

Natalie beat Larkin Cen and Dale Williams in the MasterChef final and now hopes to pursue a career as a professional chef.

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