Matt Fiddes, Michael Jackson's loyal bodyguard for more than 10 years, reveals Paris Jackson's struggle

British martial arts expert Matt Fiddes worked as Michael Jackson‘s bodyguard and could see how devoted Michael was to his kids.

‘So much has been said about the unorthodox methods Michael Jackson used to raise his three children,’ says Matt.

‘But he adored Paris Jackson, 15, Prince Michael, 16, and Blanket, 11.

‘He always had a soft spot for Paris as his only daughter.

‘Wherever Michael was 
in the world, he’d read 
them bedtime stories 
over the phone.

‘Paris‘s favourites were Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella.

make her dad read them over and over until she fell asleep.

‘I’ve seen Michael 
in hotel suites put 
the phone down in tears after saying goodnight to Paris.

He was forever 
saying he loved 
her and she’d reply: 
”You too, Daddy.”

‘With the AEG 
court case and the reported bullying, 
it comes as no surprise that Paris 
was driven to thoughts 
of suicide.

‘But if Michael 
were here today, he’d 
be devastated.

‘Yes, he had fame and wealth, but the only thing that really mattered to 
Michael was his children.

‘Paris knew that, which 
is why she still feels his 
loss so deeply today.’

Read more about Paris Jackson in this week’s Now magazine, dated 17 June 2013 – out now!

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