Singer Tom thought he was 'the fat one' in McFly

McFly star Tom Fletcher has confessed that he once survived on 450 calories a day.

The singer had convinced himself that he was ‘the fat one’ in the band and started consuming just one blueberry muffin and a cup of coffee from Starbucks each morning in a bid to get thinner.

‘I wanted to lose weight, but rather than going about it the sensible way, I pretty much stopped eating,’ reveals Tom, 27, who is now fit and well.

‘Not only would I beat myself up internally if I consumed anything else, I’d be in a foul mood if we were working somewhere there was no Starbucks.’

Tom thinks it was his eating disorder in December 2010 that plunged him back into depression, an illness he’d already suffered from 5 years earlier.

His doctor diagnosed him with bipolar disorder and he was referred to a specialist at rehab clinic The Priory, where he managed to stabilise his condition.

‘I hated everything. I’d never been the most sociable of people, but now I felt more anti-social than ever,’ Tom explains in the group’s autobiography Unsaid Things… Our Story.

‘The truth is, I’d have done almost anything to rid myself of the depressions.’

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