Ex on the Beach couple Megan Mckenna and Jordan Davies share risque Snapchat with followers - but have they gone too far?

It’s no secret that Snapchat is used to send the odd flirty picture, but Ex on the Beach couple Megan McKenna and Jordan Davies took it to a whole new extreme last night when Jordan shared a naughty video of Megan performing a sex act on him.

The Essex beauty, who caused a stir on Ex on the Beach with her love triangle with Rogan O’Connor and Jordan, sleepily reached over to fondle her boyfriend while lying down on the coach. She was recovering from a Wiz Khalifa concert she had attended the previous night, but clearly was still in the mood for some saucy behaviour. The Snapchat video shows Megan reaching for her boyfriend’s crotch while he encourages her. It is unclear whether Megan knows she is on camera.

Risque videos aside, it seems the couple are truly serious about each other, with Jordan moving from his Magaluf home to live with Megan in Essex following their appearance together on the television show. In an exclusive interview with Now, he said: ‘We’re buying a house together in January, and I think engagement will be on the cards soon, I don’t know when, but I can see it happening. People think six months isn’t a long time, but when you do a show like Ex On The Beach you’re together all the time, so you just know when it’s right.’