Don't presume to know Megan McKenna...

Megan McKenna has lashed out at a fan that accused her of changing for Pete Wicks – claiming that they don’t know her!

The TOWIE star has been getting on with her life after it was revealed that her ex-boyfriend Pete Wicks was sexting and texting TEN other girls, including his ex girlfriend Jacqui Ryland.

In one of the texts, the tattooed Essex boy claims that Megan is boring because she ‘doesn’t drink.’

So when the 24-year-old tweeted a photo of her drinking a glass with the caption: ‘Doing what I do best’


One of her fans took issue, writing: ‘All you’ve done is drink since Pete said you didn’t and was boring, very sad, be you!! Not what he wants.’

However, Megan McKenna’s trademark fiery personality took over and she hit back:

‘You don’t f**king no me! I drank before. Keep your opinion to yourself you troll. I HATE people like you!’

Ouch! Reminder to everyone, don’t mess with Miss McKenna.

Her fans also agreed with her, with one fan sharing pics from her in Ex On the Beach, Celebrity Big Brother and TOWIE and writing: ‘never touched the stuff’

Meanwhile in TOWIE time, that’s filmed a couple of weeks before real time, Pete is trying to win her back.

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Last Wednesday he managed to take her out on a date to a fancy restaurant – and even made her cry by playing their relationship song

So if you have some sarcy comments to make on Twitter, now is probably not the best time to make them.