The TOWIE star chats to Now about wanting kids, making up with Pete Wicks and whether or not she's finally forgiven him

There’s always the danger that Megan McKenna’s going to fly off the handle when you have a chat with her. The 24-year-old might have tamed her temper recently – and handled the recent drama on TOWIE when her boyfriend Pete Wicks was discovered sexting several girls behind her back with aplomb – but she’s not nicknamed ‘Mental Megs’ for nothing. Remember those epic scenes on CBB when Stephanie Davis left Megan’s tracksuit in a dirty heap on the floor? They were gold. But she’s certainly got a temper on her.

Fears aside, Megan’s on great form when Now picks up the phone for a chat with her about her new lip kits. Phew! She’s known for her plumped-up pout (she’s open with us about having lip fillers), so fans have been delighted by the range.


Megan loves her lips!

It’s been quite the year for Megan – who was unknown to us until she burst onto our screens on Ex On The Beach back in August last year. After a brief engagement to her co-star on that show Jordan Davies, she’s now thoroughly loved-up with fellow TOWIE cast member Pete, 28, after they put their troubles to one side – but don’t get Megan started on the trolls who’ve been accusing her of being a ‘ponce’ after he bought her a Rolex for her birthday…

You and Pete are back together now. Is the pressure off a little bit now that you’re not filming?

Yeah, definitely. It’s not as much pressure when you’re off screen. When you’re on screen, everyone’s judging you. I’m happy where I am now. Being together is a bonus.

How are you and Pete going to go forward and rebuild the trust after his sexting scandal? 

I’m going to take each day as it comes. We’re just like any normal couple – there’s going to be shit times, but there’s also going to be amazing times. Bring on the future, I say.

Are you still checking his social media accounts on your phone, or have you got rid of them?

Pete wanted me to have them on my phone while all the drama was happening. I never asked for them, and I don’t have them on there any more.

Have your family forgiven him? 

My family are happy when I’m happy, so yes, they’ve forgiven him. They never… disliked him, they were just angry and disappointed with him.

Tell us about your new lip kits. Why did you decide to do them?

I’m a bit obsessed with my lips. I love them. I get so many comments asking what gloss I’m wearing. So I thought: ‘Why not make something that people will want?’ I’ve always loved the whole Kylie Jenner thing, though I didn’t want to copy her. But they’ve sold out, which is absolutely amazing.

Megan McKenna and Pete Wicks

Megan and Pete on Celebrity Juice together

Have you tried out Kylie’s lips kits? 

I actually haven’t, because every time I go to get them they’re sold out. I wanted to put my own collection together.

What does Pete think of your make-up? Does he prefer you to be more natural?

He loves big, fuller-looking lips. He definitely likes me in less make-up, though.

Would you ever tone down your make-up?

I don’t actually wear that much. I think people think I wear a lot of make-up, but I don’t. I don’t put much on my skin. On TOWIE I focus on my lips. I think it’s because my lips are big, so people think I have a lot on.

How do you snog Pete with all that lip gloss on? Do you have any tips?

[Laughs] The tip is that you need to take control of the kiss if you’re the one wearing lipstick or gloss. If you’re kissing, you should go a bit above the guy with your mouth, if you know what I mean. Be in control!


Have you ever had lip gloss smeared all over your face in a steamy TOWIE moment?

No, I’ve been OK so far – it’s all been good. I’m quite grateful about that! [Laughs]

Would you like to do more make-up products in future?

A hundred per cent – this will be happening. The next set will be a Christmas launch for another kit and then after that in the New Year we can expand to other things.

What are your absolute favourite beauty products?

I have to have moisturised lips; they have to be smooth. And my must-have beauty product is Armani Luminous Silk foundation. It’s very light. I don’t like thick stuff.

Megan McKenna

Megan’s been open about her use of tip fillers

Are you bad at taking off your make-up before you go to bed?

Oh yeah – if I’ve been out then it’ll be all over my sheets. But on a normal night I’m pretty good.

You’ve been very open about having lip fillers in the past. Is that something that you’re still having done now?

I don’t get them done very often. I get them at the beginning of every year. I think with the liner I use they look a bit bigger. I uploaded a picture a few weeks ago and everyone was saying: ‘Oh my God, you’ve had your lips redone!’ But I hadn’t.

Are you going to carry on getting them done?

I don’t see that there’s a problem with it if it makes you feel more confident. I don’t get much put in. I don’t think I have much filler in my lip – it’s a top-up. It makes me feel more confident.

Would you have any more surgery in future?

I’m happy with the way I look. But seeing yourself on TV, you do start to pick up on things that you want to change. And people troll you, which is quite hard. People tell me I have small boobs. I can never win. If I got a boob job, they’d slate me for that. Right now I’m happy, but I don’t say no to surgery. If you’re unhappy, then go for it.

What else do the trolls say about you online?

Some of them have accused me of being a ponce! Pete bought me a Rolex for my birthday and I’m obviously so happy that he did that. It meant so much. But what people need to remember is yes, I got bought an amazing birthday present, but I work hard and I earn my own money. I buy my own clothes, my own bags, my own shoes. People don’t seem to understand that and it upsets me. I get a lot of trolling for that. I’m 24 years old and I’m working hard and I’m successful. Of course I’m going to go out and treat myself once in a while, but I do it all on my own.

Your whole family has starred on TOWIE recently. What do your parents think about you career? Are they proud that you’re on telly?

Yeah, definitely. I’m really happy to be doing reality TV but it’s more something that I fell into. I do love it, but I want to do different things as well. I don’t just want to be known as ‘Megan shouting and screaming on TV’.

GIF Megan McKenna Celebrity Big Brother

You’ve been on three reality TV series now – how exactly did you end up ‘falling into it,’ as you put it?

I was actually approached on Twitter. But I’d trained my whole life at theatre school before that, and that still is my aim. I had auditions here and there – I had a different audition every week. And then I went away on holiday and I think I was spotted by people casting and they obviously thought: ‘She likes a party!’ and that was how it all came about. So then I went from Ex On The Beach to Celebrity Big Brother to TOWIE. I’m very grateful.

Tell us about the future – what do you have planned? Do you want to settle down and have a baby anytime soon?

Definitely not right now. I’m only 24, which is still a bit young. But I’d really like to have kids before I’m 30 so I think I need to have kids by the time I’m 28. I have a good four years before I need to think about it! Basically I want to be able to have my career and my businesses all around me first. I want to feel satisfied with what I’m doing professionally before I settle down and have children. Right now I feel like I’m still at the very beginning of my career.

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