Megan vs the paps

By now, you’d think it’d be common knowledge that Megan McKenna does not mess around when it comes to standing up for herself – just ask her estranged boyfriend, Pete Wicks

Yet the TOWIE firecracker has found herself proving this once more, by naming and shaming a photographer who she alleges was hiding in the bushes of her home to get a picture of her!

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Never one to hold in her emotions, Megan took to Twitter on Friday morning (4th November) to accuse photographer Matt Sprake of trying to take her photo while on public property.

‘HOW DISCUSTING!’ [sic] 23-year-old Megs began her passionate tirade. ‘You no who you are Aswell! F*cking scumbag pap taking pics of me on private property! In the morning with no makeup and pjs on…

‘Surely this is an invasion of my privacy!!?????’


Though Megan has grown accustomed to plenty of pictures during her time in the public eye, when it comes to attention at her Essex home it is clearly a different story. And to make her point even clearer, she followed this with a screenshot of the pap’s Twitter profile, showing that he’d blocked her from viewing his Tweets.

‘Oh look now he’s blocked me!!!! Absolute joke!!! I’m all for getting pictured.. but on private property is a JOKE!’


Megan wasn’t done there and went on to call the photographer a ‘creep’ after posting a photo of him posing beside a bush with a camera in his hand in tweets that have since been deleted – and he’s now hit back at her claims on Twitter.

‘Just to confirm @Megan_Mckenna_ did NOT find me hiding in a bush outside her house this morning and I’m now taking legal action for slander,’ he posted before alleging that the picture Megan used of him wasn’t taken anywhere near her property.

Matt Sprake Twitter message

‘Today @Megan_Mckenna_ used THIS picture from weeks ago taken by my friend to accuse me of hiding in her bush! #lies,’ Matt Tweeted.

Matt Sprake Twitter message

He also said that he hoped an ‘official apology’ was being written and added: ‘it’s ridiculous! I wasn’t even there!’

There’s not been another response from Megan as of yet…