Back away from Megan!

Megan McKenna has unleashed one of her trademark rants at some annoying trolls on Instagram and she couldn’t be more right.

While out in Marbella to film the latest episode of TOWIE, her hunky boyfriend Pete Wicks shared a photo of the beauty for her twenty-forth birthday. But while she posed during her birthday festivities, trolls took the opportunity to try and drag her down.

Trolls commented on the pic that she looked ‘miserable’ and that she could ‘smile more’ but she wasn’t having any of it.

Taking to the comments section, she said: ‘Why don’t all you haters go f**k yourself. I smell jealousy. Bunch of’ then a hand gesture to symbolise ‘w**kers’.

Dinner with the birthday girl…👊🏼❤️

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She then followed it up with ‘Back off, all u do is hate. When I’m probly happier than any of you fucking haters will ever be. Now jog on.. [sic.]’

Considering Megan McKenna is off in a luxury resort, filming one of the biggest reality shows on TV, with a boyfriend she loves, it’s easy to see why people would be a bit jealous

On top of that, she’s also planning on kickstarting her music career. After revealing her talent on Britain’s Got Talent and later on Celebrity Big Brother, she now wants people to take her seriously.

Megan McKenna and Pete Wicks

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Talking to The Sun, the 24-year-old said: ‘I don’t want to do the normal dance track song. I want to be able to show my vocals off and when I do do live performances, I’m going to do some acoustics with a guitar and stripped back version.’

So even more reasons for people to feel jealous, then?