The pair had an awkward encounter at a celeb event over the weekend

On Monday night’s Made In Chelsea: Ibiza finale, we saw CBB‘s Sam Thompson and long-term girlfriend Tiffany Watson break up for good after a VERY emotional chat.

But it looks like the off-screen drama is far from over after Tiff and love-rival Mimi Bouchard came to blows when they bumped into each other at a recent event.

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Now, in case you haven’t been watching MIC, Sam got VERY close with co-star Mimi when he was on a break with girlfriend, Tiff over the summer.

Which obviously didn’t go down too well with blonde beauty Tiff who branded Mimi ‘disrespectful’ and ‘easy’ in a few scathing rants. Eeeek…

During the most recent episode, Canadian-born Mimi tried to (unsuccessfully) ease tensions between her and Tiff – but unfortunately it looks like back in Blighty the pair are STILL at each other’s throats.

A source told Now magazine that the ladies clashed at the #BadooYouRemember event on Sunday night where Mimi appeared to ‘goad’ Tiff, 23.

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The insider said: ‘Awkwardly Tiff and Mimi arrived at the same time, resulting in an extremely frosty reception where Mimi appeared to goad Tiff – which Tiff ignored.

‘This then led to a brief altercation on the way up to the venue.’ Eeek!

And the awkwardness didn’t end there as Sam later arrived with Paul Danan and completely blanked Mimi the whole evening.

Explaining the reason he didn’t speak to his former fling, Sam told OK! magazine: ‘I didn’t speak to Mimi, because although me and Tiff have broken up, I obviously respect her an awful lot.’

Tiff and Sam dated for three years (Photo by Stephen Coke/REX/Shutterstock)

But it appears Mimi isn’t too impressed with her co-stars as she later took to Twitter in a furious rant.

‘Really over fake people,’ the petite beauty began. ‘There’s a difference between angry and cruel’

She continued: ‘If you’re happy with yourself and how you act and who you really are deep down THAT’S ALL THAT MATTERS’.

We wonder who that’s about…

Despite finding himself in between Mimi and Tiff, Sam has since found romance with X Factor beauty and former CBB housemate, Amelia Lily who recently opened up about her new beau.

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‘We’re friends, we’re hanging out. Who knows what future holds, but he did take me out and it was lovely. So we’ll see how it goes’, she told the Daily Mail.

Amelia and Sam hit it off on CBB [Channel 5]

‘I honestly don’t know if we have a future, who knows what it holds… But he took me out, and we’re not rushing into anything, so we’ll see’.

And whilst Amelia didn’t exactly confirm the romance, she did seem pretty tactful over whether or not the pair had smooched – telling the publication ‘no comment’.

Ooo la la.