Singer Michael Buble says people assume his good-looking wife is a prostitute

Michael Bublé is happily married now, but he admits he wasn’t keen on tying the knot at all.

‘I didn’t want to get married, I don’t know if any man wants to,’ he says.

‘But I did it because I loved her and now I swear to you, she’s my family and I love her so much. I’m crazy about her.’

Michael, 37, married Argentinian model Luisana Lopilato, 25, last year, but he has found that because of her good looks, people assume he must be paying her.

‘Honestly, every room you walk into, people say: “Ah, that fat guy is rich. There’s no way he could be with her,”‘ reveals Michael.

‘Or they say: “She’s a prostitute, got to be a prostitute.”

‘I married up and I’m so happy.’

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