Michelle Keegan took to Twitter to vent about something she's not happy about.

Michelle Keegan took to Twitter this afternoon to vent her anger.

About what, you ask? Well that ruddy 5p bag charge that was introduced earlier this month, of course.

The ex-soap star tweeted: ‘Ohhh I get it… We now get charged?? That’s so tight though! It’s only a BAG?! It’s the process of buying stuff!’

Fans were quick to point out that it was part of a scheme to reduce the amount of plastic bags we use as a country and that the proceeds – expected to be £730m over the next decade – will go to charity. She swiftly deleted the tweet.

Oh ‘chelle.


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The England bag charge came into force on the 5th October, making it the last country in the UK to adopt the recycling policy.

Scotland introduced it a year ago and has already seen a whopping 80% reduction in the amount of bags used, so there’s no denying it’s a pretty smart move.

Michelle, who has just launched her winter collection with high street fashion store Lipsy, is gonna have to get to grips with forking out in Tesco when she’s left her bags in the car just like the rest of us…

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