Not one for Papa Keegan's viewing

Michelle Keegan has taken on plenty of roles in her acting career, ranging from a barmaid in Coronation Street’s Rovers Return, to a secretary who gets into some very murky work in Ordinary Lies.

However, her most recent – and arguably, most acclaimed – job so far is her 2016 performance in army drama Our Girl, in which she stunned viewers with her portrayal of Corporal Georgie Lane.

But this role has reportedly now caused some awkwardness in her family – as Michelle has admitted that she can’t look her own dad in the eye after watching her steamy sex scenes!

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Featuring on this weekend’s edition of The Jonathan Ross Show, Mich was asked about the on-screen moments with fellow actor Luke Pasqualino and who she was most nervous about seeing them. And though you may imagine it’d be hubby Mark Wright, Michelle revealed that it was actually Papa Keegan who gave her the most cause for trepidation – for obvious, awkward reasons…


‘Not so much my partner but… I’m going to be honest, my dad,’ she admitted.

‘He came to the screening with my mum and I was sat on the other side with the cast, and I remember my brother was sat between my mum and my dad, and I remember the scene coming on and I couldn’t look in that direction once, I couldn’t do it.

‘And we haven’t even spoken about it since, I just can’t bring it up to him! He totally understands it’s acting.’

Ahh – think of it as an actor’s rite of passage, grossing out your parents…

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Elsewhere in her chat, the 29-year-old reminisced on the earlier days of her romance with the former TOWIE star, spilling the details on how Mark popped the big question.

‘When we first started speaking, actually, I did say that one day I’d like to get proposed [to] in white dress and all that, the fairy tale.

‘He told me a story that on the beach there was going to be a white party, so I got a white dress, didn’t think anything of it because it was two years down the line!

‘But he had it all planned out so I wore the white dress, I was on the beach…it was very romantic.’

How cute!