Who could it be?!

It’s very almost the start of the brand spankin’ new Strictly series – so in celebration, you can catch us head to toe in sequins *all* weekend.

Yup, morning noon and night. Sequinned to the max. Not even sorry, huns.

One lady, however, who definitely doesn’t need to warn pals to bring some sunnies before rolling up to Sunday brunch at 11am in all-rhinestones is The Saturdays’ Mollie King – who makes her dance floor debut this weekend!

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Ahead of her ballroom appearance, the lovely lady has been shedding some light on what to expect from her first dip in the Strictly waters – and it turns out the show has had a lil’ mix up to its process this year.

Speaking with The Mirror, Mollie has revealed that this year contestants had to speed date the profesh dancers in order to meet their perfect match!

Of course, however, this is Strictly – which means there is no time for typical dating scenarios. Instead, the gang had to speed date DANCE.

Oh, the pressure.

Mollie shares, ‘We did this thing called speed dancing, which they haven’t done before. All the girls stand in a circle and each time a different professional boy would come and rotate and dance with you’.

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The lady then continues, ‘I loved every minute of it. I liked the ones who held you firm. They were Pahsa Kovalev, Gorka Marquez, Giovanni Bernice and Brendan Cole– he has firm hold and is a real joker’.

We know what you’re thinking, folks… Did Mollie just allude to who she’s been paired with?!

The lady then added that whilst she’s never received any professional dance training prior to Strictly, she’s 100% in it to win it.

‘I’m going to view it like a full-time job. I’m a hard worker anyway and I wouldn’t like to be going on prime-time Saturday night TV looking like a complete wally’.

Oh Mollie, you could never look like a wally. Catch ‘ya tomorrow night!

Alice Perry