Fit or 'a bit fat'? What do you think?


Ant and Dec have been in our lives longer than Instagram and boy, do we love them.

GIF ant and dec awkward

But it seems fans of the Geordie duo are divided when one of them tries to break the mould. Yes, we’re looking at you Antony McPartlin!

While Dec, 41, never seems to age, change, cut his hair or anything Ant, also 41, has been trying out a new look on this year’s I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here. 

We’re talking about that bulkier body and the oh-so-manly beard!


It seems Dec may have to up his game in the next few days because Ant has caused a bit of meltdown with some of the ITV viewers…

But while some fans are swooning over the Newcastle lad, some have been a bit harsh in pointing out that he seems to have put on a few pounds since we last saw him.

While you ponder whether you think Ant is fit or a bit fat, life in the Aussie camp hasn’t been as idyllic as it was in the first few days, thanks to the arrival of Danny Barker and Martin Roberts who seem to have disturbed the zen of camp. 

That hasn’t stopped the gang nailing nearly every task thrown at them though. Despite Adam being terrified of spiders, on Monday night we saw the Emmerdale actor walk away with 11 out of 12 stars for camp and seemed pretty chuffed with it.


The campmates dined on goat leg thanks to Adam but sadly, Larry – who has been designated as ‘the cook’ was too impatient to let it cook properly and the team was left with a chewy old mess. ‘I thought one of my teeth was going to fall out,’ Gogglebox’s Scarlett Moffatt joked.

Better than rice and beans again though, we’re guessing!