Mrs Doubtfire is on this weekend! Hurrah! And this is what the Mrs Doubtfire kids look like now!

Hey you, don’t look so glum! It’s the weekend, and this one could be the best you have ever had. ‘Why’s that?’ We hear you ask, oh only because Mrs flipping Doubtfire is on this weekend!!! *punches air* (Saturday, Sky Movies Comedy, 6:30am, DON’T MISS IT)

And you’re in for a real shocker as time has done it’s dirty work and the Mrs Doubtfire kids – Lydia, Chris and cute little Natalia Hillard – are now… Adults?! Nothing spells the end of your (more than over) childhood quite like it.

That’s right, the Mrs Doubtfire kids are now the Mrs Doubtfire adults and boy how times have changed- The film was made back in 1993 making it a whopping 22 years old now. So after all this time where are the Mrs Doubtfire kids/adults now?! Don’t fret- we bring answers.

Lisa Jakub/Lydia Hillard-


Aged 36, Lisa Jakub is well and truly over her acting days having retired back in 2001. Now married, Lisa spends her days writing, blogging and rocking the Downward Dog as a yoga enthusiast. Last year she published her first book You Look Like That Girl, which contained memoirs of ‘growing up in the film industry’ and the reasons she retired.

Sweetly, Lisa admits the first time she ever ‘met’ Mrs Doubtfire she thought it was the mother of the films director Chris Columbus, having no idea it was Robin Williams in character.

Matthew Lawrence/Chris Hillard-


If we secretly kinda fancied him back then, we not-so-secretly kinda fancy him now. Chris is now 35, and we think it’s fair to say that he did one of those fine wine things and got better with age (check out his Instagram if you need further evidence). Chris had a few other acting stints, playing roles in Brotherly Love, Boy Meets World, The Hot Chick and Melissa & Joey. He was engaged 2004 for two years to Heidi Mueller, but is now with model Laura Jayne New.

Mara Wilson/Natalie Hillard

marawilsonnowNow 28, Mara quit film acting back in 2001 (after fully rocking it as Matilda) because she felt it wasn’t fun, ‘doing the same thing over and over again until you ‘get it right’ does not allow for very much creative freedom’. Now a writer, Mara wants to progress into young adult novels having finished writing her first play, Sheeple. She is also very passionate about ice-cream…

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