Coleen reveals the downside to her busy lifestyle...

With three boys under the age of ten to take care of, Coleen Rooney needs A LOT of energy.

The TV star married childhood sweetheart and footy player, Wayne Rooney in 2008 and now they have adorable sons Kai, seven, Klay, three, and one-year-old Kit.

But despite looking absolutely AH-mazing at the moment, now the 30-year-old has revealed that staying fit after having her children hasn’t exactly been easy and admits that regaining her pre-pregnancy weight has become more difficult.

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‘After each pregnancy I found losing those last few pounds harder’, the mum-of-three told OK! magazine.  

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‘I’d say after having Kai, I never quite got back to what I was. And then after Klay I gained a few more pounds.

‘But now I’m finally back to where I want to be, it’s so hard for women to keep up with fitness and running after children, though.’

And although she’s been busy promoting the upcoming McDonald’s Football Mum Of The Year competition, the star reveals she combated her battle to stay in shape by finding time out of her packed schedule to hit the gym.

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‘Since becoming a mum I’ve loved going to the gym,’ Coleen said.

‘Before that it always seemed like an effort to go and do a workout, but now I cherish the peace and ‘me’ time. I try to go four times a week and do a session of Pilates as well. it makes me feel better and means I have more energy, and with three boys you need as much energy as possible!’

Coleen has been working out four times a week (PA images)

Agreed! Which is exactly why the fashion designer isn’t planning on adding to her brood any time soon, as she also added: ‘I do love newborn babies, but I’m not thinking about that at the moment. Maybe in the future, but I have my hands full at the minute.’

Although with a house full of boys, the star DID admit she wouldn’t mind a little girl. ‘It would be nice to have a little girl in the family but I’m not desperate,’ she said.

‘I’m used to being surrounded by boys now! It would be nice to have a girl because I’m the only one in the family. But you get what you’re given.’