Singer sticks up for pal Keisha Buchanan


Mutya Buena reckons Heidi Range should’ve resigned from the Sugababes in support of Keisha Buchanan.

Island Records announced on Monday that Keisha, 24, was being replaced by Jade Ewen, 21, amid claims she was bullying bandmate Amelle Berrabah.
Heidi, 26, has not publicly commented on her exit and Mutya, 24, is unimpressed.

‘It all started so innocently…a love for music and a dream,’ she wrote on Twitter. ‘Look what it’s become. RIP.

‘I will say this publicly…shame on Heidi for not following Keisha out. But doesn’t surprise me a bit.’

Mutya insists fellow founding member Keisha is innocent.

‘I heard the rumours about Keisha being a bully, but that’s all lies,’ she told GMTV.

‘The reason people have left is not to do with bullying. They’re all grown women!

‘I would never let another person bully me. I think it’s all rubbish.’

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