Girls Aloud stars reveal their body hang-ups


Girls Aloud singer Nadine Coyle says she’s really not happy with her legs.

Despite having pins many women would die for, the 23-year-old Irish star wishes they were shapelier.

‘I always had a major issue with my legs; they’re like toothpicks,’ she tells Now. ‘I don’t have that same hang-up about them now, but I still don’t think they’re great.’

But Nadine says she doesn’t have to work out to stay slim.

‘If I was bothered about my weight I’d do sit-ups and work out, but I won’t because I’m not,’ she says.

Bandmate Nicola Roberts, 23, says she also wishes she had more curves.

‘I don’t like being naturally slim and being called skinny is as bad as being called overweight,’ she admits. 

But Sarah Harding, 27, says she’ll be looking a little curvier in the New Year.

‘I tend to put on weight over the winter,’ she says. ‘So I’ll probably fill out a bit over the next couple of months.’


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