Star launched foul-mouthed tirade at cabin crew too

Supermodel Naomi Campbell has been given 200 hours community service for kicking and spitting at police officers on a plane.

Naomi, 38, was removed from a flight to LA in handcuffs on April 3, after screaming foul-mouthed abuse at cabin crew.

She flew into a rage on the BA flight because one of her bags had gone missing in the Terminal 5 luggage fiasco at Heathrow.

And she accused staff of targeting her because she was black, Uxbridge Magistrates’ Court heard.

Naomi pleaded guilty to 2 counts of assaulting a police officer, 1 count of disorderly conduct likely to cause harassment, alarm or distress and using threatening, abusive words or behaviour to cabin crew.

She must pay £200 compensation to both police officers she assaulted, and £150 compensation to the aircraft captain.

She was also ordered to pay fines totalling £2,300 and a £15 surcharge.

Naomi’s first class ticket on the flight cost £5,000.

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