Things seems to be seriously hotting up for Niall Horan and Selena Gomez...

We can’t keep up with Selena Gomez’s love life right now – she is a lady in DEMAND.

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Just a month after ex boyfriend Justin Bieber publicly serenaded her in an attempt to woo her back, it seems like things are now firmly ON with another teen idol – Niall Horan. Told you we can’t keep up.

Beliebers and Directioners the world over will be tearing their hair out (or shipping them, if that’s what they prefer).


Stuff started snowballing with Niall over the weekend (excuse the Christmas pun but it’s December so we’re allowed to get excited) when they were spotted reportedly kissing at Jenna Dewan Tatum’s birthday party.

An insider told Us Weekly:

‘Niall and Selena were seen kissing in the middle of the club, in front of everyone. [They] definitely seemed very close and like they were together. Niall got there first with his bodyguard, then the next thing I know, I looked over and Selena was there. They were very close together, talking and whispering.’

Snogging a pop star in the presence of Channing Tatum? SELENA YOU ARE LIVING THE DREAM, LADY.

Niall uploaded a photo with Selena from the night to his Twitter – but then, confusingly, took it down.

And the ante was firmly upped last night when Selena and Niall were spotted out on a date at Santa Monica pier.

But, confusingly, Justin Bieber ALSO uploaded a loved-up old photo of himself and Selena together to Instagram a few days ago – titled “crazy throwback”.

And you know, like we mentioned, he tried to serenade her last month. With the song My Girl. Now this MUST hurt… but it looks like Selena’s just not that into you anymore, Justin.

To add a further spanner to the works, Niall Horan’s also been linked to Ellie Goulding after her split with Dougie Poynter last week – you can read more about that in this week’s now magazine, but an insider tells us that Ellie’s actually planning on spending New Year’s Eve with Niall in Dublin. Cosy.

“The big test of how far this goes will be around Christmas,” says our insider. “Niall’s asked her to come with him to Dublin and hang out with his family for a few days.”

So what’s going on, Niall? Is it Selena or Ellie that you’re after? And Selena, are you stringing Justin along or are you going to put him out of his misery?

Answers on a postcard, please…