Niall Horan is keeping calm with a round of golf, while Directioner are UTTERLY DEVASTATED at the news of a split

You’ll have heard the news by now – One Direction are reportedly disbanding in March 2016 for an indefinite ‘hiatus’. For some people, this news is second only to the dawn of the apocalypse. There are FAR too many fan reactions for us to list here, but here are some samples:

The struggle is SO real.

But don’t worry everyone – Niall Horan is absolutely fine. So fine, in fact, that he’s making the most of the alleged impending hiatus with a nice, relaxing round of golf.

Hang on a minute. Isn’t golf what dads do when they retire? Is Niall giving himself an early taste of retired life with a leisurely trip round all 18 holes?

Maybe, just maybe. The impending break (we’re not calling it a split until they do) was hinted at by Liam in a recent interview where he said the boys needed to take time out and focus on themselves, and it looks like that’s exactly what Niall is doing.

Neither Niall or his bandmates Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson or Liam Payne have responded to the hiatus rumours, so it looks like a picture of Niall playing a round of golf is the best we’re going to get for now. Should we buy him a pipe and slippers as a retirement present?

Actually, nope. We’re just going to keep on hoping that it isn’t TOTALLY over for One Direction, until we’re told otherwise!

SHOCK NEWS! One Direction to ‘split’ in March

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