X Factor judge Nick Grimshaw revealed on his Radio 1 Breakfast Show that he took a load of selfies of himself on Justin Bieber's phone

What would you do if you were in possession of the phone of one of the biggest popsters in the world?

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Well, probably not much because of passcodes and all that jazz…but that didn’t stop X Factor judge Nick Grimshaw!

Nop. Grimmy took a load of selfies of himself on Justin Bieber‘s phone, and erm, also put his number in his phone for good measure – cheekyyyy.

While filming an interview and skit with Justin Bieber on Friday for Radio 1 – which was aired  yesterday and filled with all the LOLs you expect – Grimmy found that JB’s phone had fallen out of his pocket and has accidentally left it behind. Easily done.

He tried ringing his record label and people he works with to let them know that they had one of the most important phones in pop music in their hands. But sadly, no-one answered. And after promising the team a trip to the pub on Friday after a busy week of Bond and Adele, the took the phone with them.

Now, Nick is only revealing this now because he mentioned it in passing on morning on the show in the early wee hours. And sometimes when it’s that early, you say things you ‘wouldn’t necessarily say otherwise.’ Don’t worry babes. We’re NOTHING before a coffee.

JB’s people finally got back to him, and Nick went on his way to return the phone to it’s rightful owner.

But not before leaving a couple of presents on it for the Biebster.

‘On the way there – well he got a text message when I was taking the phone back’ Nick said on his Radio 1 Breakfast Show. ‘You obviously can’t read it because of the passcode, but it made me re-look at his phone, and what you can slide up the camera.’

‘So i took a selfie’

Listener Amber cheekily asked if it was a face selfie – hey, it’s a good point! But obvs, Nick only took one of his face and didn’t do a Bart Simpson moonie.

‘And then I did another selfie – I thought it’d be funny! And then I did a video of me singing What Do U Mean…it gets worse, get worse!’

And indeed, it does…

‘Then I also thought, maybe I’ll write down my phone number and take a photo of it. So that’s what I did’

His producer Fiona didn’t quite know how this had all happened: ‘You’ve turned into a massive weirdo! You do know you’re a grown man?’

Hey – props to Grimmy! If you’ve got Justin Bieber’s phone, you’re not going to pass up the chance to share you number with him are ya?

‘I thought it was funny at the time and now it’s Wednesday and there’s been no contact!’

Don’t worry Grimmers – happens to the best of us.

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