Zac Efron and Nicole star in The Paperboy

Fans of Zac Efron will be shocked by a scene in his new movie The Paperboy

The actor, 24, who shot to fame playing squeaky clean Troy Bolton in High School Musical, has his chest and face urinated on by co-star Nicole Kidman, 45, after his character Jack Jansen suffers a severe jellyfish sting. 

With scenes of sex and violence, the film – which centres
around a reporter who investigates a case on death row – is very different to anything the Hollywood heartthrob’s starred in before.

But Zac isn’t afraid to try something new. 

‘I think it’s important to always challenge yourself to try and find roles that are going to force you to grow up,’ he told City News at the Toronto Film Festival.

We can’t wait to watch it. 


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Lucy Lynch