Made in Chelsea original, Ollie Locke, is returning back to SW3!

Oh, that Made in Chelsea lot really are spoiling us at the moment aren’t they? Not only have they’ve returned back onto our screens while bringing some sunshine along with them from L.A (well, if we can’t have a proper summer in real life, might as well live vicariously through them!)

But one of the original – and most outrageous members – of the SW3 postcode is coming back, and we cannot wait.

Yes, that’s right boys and girls, Chelsea’s most groomed and tanned chap Mr.Ollie Locke is back – grab a Bloody Mary and let’s cheers to that!

The 27-year-old star has been hinting at a return to telly recently, posting pics of him hanging out with the Made in Chelsea gang while they’ve been filming in L.A, and he’s been roaming the countryside with his BFF Binky Felstead, and now confirming that he’s ‘delighted to be returning’, here’s 5 reasons why we’re delighted too!

1.) Luscious lock(e)s
Who doesn’t have completely hair envy over Ollie’s shiny locks?! He’s always so immaculately groomed, without a single hair out of place. But cast your mind back to when the show first started and he locked like Tarzan’s fancy-pants cousin….
Ollie LockeSo, there’s hope for the rest of us yet – hand us the hairdryer!

2.) Gabby Ellis
Remember when Ollie went out with Gabby on the show, and then they broke up and she hired a Ollie look-a-like for her music video of the song she wrote ABOUT HIM? Yep. Awkward doesn’t even cut it. With Gabs also featuring a lot on the Chelsea lots Insta posts, there’s chance of a cheeky cameo from her on the show too, and we only imagine how uncomfortable the reunion between the pair would be (Lucy Watson eye-roll levels of awkward) – and we’ll be sat right on the sofa ready and waiting to watch.

3.) Heaps of humour

He provided us as many LOLs as he did drama when he was on the show, and if his time in the Celebrity Big Brother house is anything to go by back in 2014, where he came third, he’ll bring back some much needed comic-relief to south east London. There’s only so many cheating allegations and break-up drinks thrown in the face that we can take before we feel emotionally drained.

4.) Puppy Love
Ollie Locke dogOllie’s pup, Prince William, may be one of the cutest fluffy creatures we’ve ever seen, but he us up against some touch competition what with a lot of the Made in Chelsea gang having adorable four-legged companions as well. We can just picture the shots of them all going on group dog walk along King’s Road today!

5.) Expressions galore

Ollie Locke Ollie’s facial reactions to situations are so epic that they could rival Andy Jordan’s emoji-like face! Whether it’s awkward, ecstatic or disgusted, he’s never been on to hide how he’s feeling!

Ollie originally flicked his tumbling tresses and left Made in Chelsea back in 2013, saying: ‘I’ve quite the show. I have done five seasons, I’ve had three break ups and I’ve come out as bisexual. The party’s over for me.’

But after a stint in CBB and two years later, Ollie ‘cant wait to be back on the Kings Road adding some more love, laughs and just a bit of the ridiculous!’

That sounds like exactly what we needed! Welcome back Ols!

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