Olly Murs and Diana Vickers are reported to have grown close after both splitting with long term loves...


First there was all the rumours that Olly Murs had hooked up with Caroline Flack after breaking up with girlfriend of three years Francesca Thomas, but now there’s a new X Factor girl he’s apparently set his sights on – Diana Vickers.


Although the two appeared on separate series of X Factor – him in 2009 and her in 2008 – a source has told The Sun that the pair have grown close in recent weeks.


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‘They’ve always had a soft spot for each other. Now, since they are both single they have been in touch. There’s an obvious attraction between the pair of them and they’re both young and good-looking.’

Diana has also reportedly just come out of a relationship with her beau of four years – One Night Only’s George Craig.

And it’s not the first time Olly and Diana have been romantically linked. Back in 2010 Olly confessed that his management had pretty much banned him from seeing her because they wanted him to remain single for his image.

He said at the time: ‘Diana’s a stunning girl and very funny but it’s unfortunate that I’m not really allowed to talk to her that much. ‘

It’s basically like a modern day Romeo and Juliet. N’awww.

So here’s why we really, really want this to be a thing. Like, REALLY.


1.They would have the most adorably blonde babies that would look like real-life cherubs.

2. They both regularly take part in charity events and together would make the world a better place, so there’s that.

3. Diana’s spent the last couple of years working on an acting career and with Olly’s insane TV presenting credentials they could have complete screen domination.

4. Olly owns a 5-bedroom house in Essex. And let’s be honest, he’ll probably get really lonely just wandering about in that space on his own.

5. He’s 5ft 9 and she’s 5ft 7 which is the perfect height difference for walking along holding hands just FYI.


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