Eleanor rants on Twitter after Lottie Tomlinson is sent abusive messages

Eleanor Calder has hit out at Larry Stylinson shippers on Twitter.

Her outburst came after Louis Tomlinson‘s sister Lottie branded those who are obsessed with the notion that her brother and Harry Styles are in a secret romantic relationship as ‘deluded freaks’ on Instagram.   

Lottie reacted when a shipper suggested that a snap of Louis, 21 – which appears to show him looking a little uncomfortable as Eleanor grasps his arm – was further ‘evidence’ of his love for Harry

‘Look @ how happy louis is and their hand holding ,’ was the sarcastic comment.

Lottie wrote:Lots of cameras flashing at him, it’s late at night what did you want him to do come out laughing his head of.

Sit down and shut up because you people do not know A THING. YOU DONT EVEN KNOW HOW HE FEELS SHUT UP YOU DELUDED FREAKS.’

Lottie‘s strong words sparked outrage among some fans who objected to her ‘horrible’ insult but Eleanor, 21, was quick to stick up for her man’s sibling. 

Oh, but it’s okay for these ‘fans’ to send abusive and threatening messages to Louis’ younger sisters? And that’s not horrible?!,’ she said

I’m so bored of this now..’

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