Irish singer thinks breakdancer is jealous of him


Eoghan Quigg is convinced that Britains Got Talent winner George Sampson feels threatened by him.

The Irish singer has become a chick magnet since coming third on The X Factor last year.

I dont know what Georges problem is, says Eoghan, 16. We met once and we spoke and it was fine.

Then he posted loads of rude stuff about me on his website. Clearly its jealousy.

‘I mean, he was the only young heartthrob on the scene last year, and now Im here.

And Eoghan doesnt think 15-year-old Georges act has longevity.

Lets be honest, theres only so much dancing you can do, he tells a teen mag.

He tried bringing out a song, but that was an absolute flop.

Whats he gonna do now, dance until hes a pensioner?

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