These two got pretty close before they found fame

Scarlett Moffatt and Jeremy McConnell have both found fame on reality TV – but it turns out their first telly appearance together was pretty steamy.

Long before Scarlett became known for her witty one-liners on Gogglebox and Jeremy’s tumultuous relationship with Stephanie Davis unfolded on Celebrity Big Brother, the pair appeared on MTV reality show Beauty School Cop Outs and shared a cheeky snog.


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Footage has emerged from the 2013 series showing the moment that Scarlett, 25, locks lips with Jez, 26, during a flirty chat with their castmates.

The gang were taking part in a drinking game which resulted in Scarlett – who had the hots for the Irish model, calling him ‘the sexiest leprechaun [she’s] ever seen’ – planning a smacker on Jez’s lips. Ooh-er.

Nothing seemed to come of that particular romance but both Scarlett and Jez enjoyed some other dalliances during their time on the show, which followed a group of lads and lasses as they trained at a beauty school in Manchester whilst living it up in their spare time.

Made by the production company behind Geordie Shore, the series got quite racy and there were plenty of shenanigans going in the house where the gang lived.

After her snog with Jeremy, Scarlett started getting cosy with fellow beauty schooler Rich.

Meanwhile Jez lived up to his lothario reputation and went to bed another housemate.

Despite things getting off to a good start, relations between Scarlett and Jeremy soured throughout the series.

The pair ended up getting flirty again though, but purely because Scarlett wanted to make her love interest Rich jealous.

‘I can’t stand Jeremy, but if this gets Richard to pay me some attention, it’s well worth it,’ she said of the moment, which saw Jez doing some dirty dancing for Scarlett in a club.

Who’d have thought it, eh?

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