Dancing On Ice star has pasta, 2 Mars bars and biscuits just for lunch


Zöe Salmon reckons she’s eating twice the recommended daily amount of calories for a young woman her size and age.

The former Blue Peter star, who is a size 8, is burning it all off on the Dancing On Ice tour.

‘Today I had All Bran, skimmed milk, two pears and a grapefruit for breakfast,’ she says.

‘Lunch was a bowl of pasta, two Mars bars and some biscuits. For dinner I’ll have a big stuffed-crust pizza with a tub of ice cream – and I’m not putting on weight!’

Zoe, 29, is determined to make the most of it while she can.

‘If I wasn’t doing Dancing On Ice, I’d be massive,’ she admits. ‘If I ate little portions like somebody my size should, then I’d be anorexic. I bet I get to 35 and it will all catch up with me!’

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