Behind the scenes video of the One Direction fragrance advert shows Harry Styles being quite the method actor

So, One Direction can sing, they can…somewhat dance, and they have the best line-up of hairdos to ever grace pop music history. And yes, we know the boys have had a movie out, but with This Is Us being a documentary, we never knew quite knew JUST how good those boys were at acting too. Until now!

With the 1D boys with a new fragrance out, that means another advert to grace our screens, and we couldn’t have been more thankful for it.

But it’s the behind-the scenes video of Harry Styles shooting the ad that is getting us LOLing in the Now office.

Fighting wind and snow to struggle his way to a top of a mountain, you’d be forgiven for mistaking ol’ Hazza for being on actual Everest, when in actual fact he was in front of a green screen while a fan blew some white flakes on him.

And you know WHY his climb to the top was so convincing? Method acting.

Staying in his snowsuit, he says the method to his madness is method acting. And ever the professional, nothing gets in his way, even when he gets snow in his mouth and he chokes temporarily.

Collecting a flower from the top of the mountain, he brings it to the fragrance lab and plonks it in a vessel, to which the professionals in proper lab coats and everything, ask him if the Mountain Freesia he picked is from the highest mountain? Harry replied that it is, before muttering his frustration to the pretty flower saying: ‘you little….’

Flowers aren’t the only ingredients in One Direction’s latest fragrance, Between Us.

Liam Payne comes stomping in with some wet flippers on and brings with him amber from the deepest ocean.

While Louis Tomlinson casually glides in dressed up in an astronaut suit, to which Liam comments on his nice peach. No, get your minds out of the gutter – it’s a peach from space! Well, the supermarket…it IS organic.

And then Niall Horan comes along with no costume, no nothing, before whipping out an onion to contribute to the new scent! Yeah, we thought the same thing…an onion?! But he breaks that bad boy open, produces a single tear, while delicately drops in with the rest of the magic ingredients. And viola, a fragrance is born!

We want to spritz that fragrance all over us, and we want to see Harry getting his Shakespeare on at the Globe – we can make that happen…right?

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Amy Lo