What's not to love about One Direction star Louis Tomlinson?

It’s been an emosh week for One Direction fans – first, Liam Payne fell ill last week causing the band to abruptly cancel their concert in Belfast, but then the fab foursome got our pulses racing when they released their brand new single ‘Home’, co-written by Louis Tomlinson along with Liam.

The song features the dreamy lyrics:

‘I’ll be your light
You’ll never feel like you’re alone
I’ll make this feel like home’

Aww! As if we weren’t already smitten enough, Louis celebrated the new release by tweeting ‘I’ll make this feel like homeeeee.’ Swoon. Cue the internet going MAD.

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#LouisYouMakeUsFeelLikeHome just became a thing – and it’s sending the internet into overdrive.

Here are six more reasons that we’ve fallen in love with the handsome One Direction star:

That cheeky smile

Even after a totally AWKS misunderstanding with a BBC Northern Ireland journalist last week, which ended up in aggressive tension between the pair, Louis Tomlinson kept that winning smile on his face and managed to continue the interview with flair. Proud!

Louis Tomlinson’s gorgeous opening solo in ‘Perfect’

We love the whole song, obvs, but in record time, Louis managed to win our hearts at just six seconds in with his opening serenade: ‘I might never your knight in shining armour…’ Oh yes you are, Louis!

When he talked about fatherhood

We were surprised to hear last summer that Louis is expecting a baby with stylist Briana Jungwirth, who he is not longer dating, but Louis has stayed super cool and taken on the responsibility with maturity, saying in an interview soon after: “Thank you. Obviously it’s a very exciting time, so I’m buzzing.’

The time Bupshi Brown gave him a lapdance – and he got totally shy

Bupshi is known for her risqué X Factor performances, sitting on Simon Cowell’s knee during an earlier one, but we thought Louis’ bashful reaction after she gave him a saucy dance was totally endearing: ‘I didn’t know how to react. Was I supposed to flirt back? It was entertaining that’s for sure,’ he told the Daily Mirror.

His heartfelt apology to his fans

Louis seemed just as disappointed as us when bandmate Liam Payne was too ill to perform their Belfast concert last week, leading to THIS apology on Twitter. His sincerity and concern for Liam warms our hearts.

The time he was just one of us

Proving that even a worldwide superstar needs his home comforts, Louis spoke for the masses when he talked about wanting to return home for a pizza blow-out. Can we join you? We wish!

Francesca Specter