Filled with arty black and white shots of the One Direction, the video for Perfect is, well, perfect

It’s the day we’ve all been waiting for! The video for Perfect by One Direction is finally out.

We know, we know – the boys really shouldn’t have written a song for us, but, what you gonna do eh?

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But as well as describing themselves perfectly in one word, their black and white, arty, tumblr-esque video is pretty much following the title of their song too.

Don’t believe us? Let us show you these 13 perfect things from these four perfect boys from their Perfect music video…

1.) Every shot of them staring meaningfully out of the window One Direction - PerfectBeing in a internationally famous band must mean you have a lot to ponder about. Louis’ probably thinking about if he’s going to have the salad or soup of the day for lunch, while Niall’s most likely wondering what time Harry and Liam are coming round to watch The Apprentice.

2.) Harry as Larry

One Direction - PerfectIf anyone else covered your eyes in a photo, you’d probably be pretty miffed. But because it’s Harry Styles, it’s dead cute and is loveably cheeky.

3.) When Niall played a round of golf in his room…

One Direction - PerfectWe’ve always thought there’s something really chilled out and sophisticated about golf. Well, apart from when our dad plays it.

4.) Football frolics

One Direction - PerfectLADS LADS LADS – we know Louis Tomlinson is quite the football fan, and he’s just made all our sporty dreams come true by having a kickabout with Liam.

5.) Suited and booted

One Direction - PerfectIf you though Mr.Styles and his lion mane was perfect enough, you ain’t seen nothing yet until you’ve seen him in a suit with a teeny, tiny tie.

6.) When Liam Payne gave the most heart-warming hug…

One Direction - Perfect And you would give anything to be the girl that he was hugging.

7.) Styles’ style

One Direction - PerfectWe’re not gonna bang on about all the shots of Harry throughout the video where he’s just the epitome of perfection, so, we’ll just leave the evidence here for you to investigate for yourselves…


One Direction - Perfect We thought it was just a boy thing to dream about fit people having pillow fights. That is, until we saw the 1D boys getting rough and ready with feathers flying about.

9.) Dad dancing

One Direction - Perfect As if we didn’t love Niall Horan enough, his brilliant Carlton-esque dance moves makes us love him even more. Can we take him home to meet our mum yet?

10.) Nighty-night

One Direction - Perfect YOU REALLY NEED TO GIVE US A WARNING BEFORE YOU SHARE A SHOT OF HARRY JUST CASUALLY LYING ON A BED WITH HIS HAIR ALL TOUSLED. Who gave you permissiong to do this! – It’s dangerous for our health y’know.

11.) City Lights

One Direction - Perfect Even the roads look perfect

12.) All together now

One Direction - Perfect What’s more perfect than these beautiful boys? When all four of them unite together, THAT’S WHAT.

13.) Walk away

One Direction - Perfect Even the backs of them are perfect dammit!

Amy Lo