With reports emerging that the four-man band will call time on One Direction in March, see how their legions of fans really reacted

When Zayn Malik left One Direction the fans were left in pieces. For anyone watching, it was heartbreaking to witness.

But now, as news comes that Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan & Liam Payne will part ways following the release of their fifth studio album later this year – the fans are left with a mixture of feelings:

To be honest, we’d love KUWTOD because yes, we love the Kardashians but wouldn’t a break be nice?

Sources say the boys will be back together after a year of pursuing solo projects but there are concerns this could mark the beginning of the end for the richest boyband in history and fans are not taking it lightly:


Another wrote:

The boys are yet to confirm the news and, as we all know, Take That got back together after a break so there is still hope/ anger at people saying it’s all over for good:

And then there were those who were a little more pessimistic:

Reports say Harry could soon become a movie star when the band call time on their music as Hollywood big wigs have been talking to the 21-year-old. As for the other three, we’ll have to wait and see.

No doubt Louis will be elbow deep in nappies as soon as he clocks off and we’re guessing Niall will spend alot of time playing golf. While Liam – well, we’re not sure about Liam.

The news broke yesterday that there will be no tour for the band’s fifth album and the shock news could mean their last full concert – for now, at least – will be at Sheffield’s Motorpoint Arena on 31 October.

Millions of fans may still get the chance to see their heartthrobs as a string of TV spots and performances which are already pencilled in before the end of the year are still likely to go ahead.

The boys are to have a break over the festive period before getting back together to complete their promotional commitments for their record label in February, according to the Sun. According to an unnamed source who spoke to the tabloid, the plan had been on the cards ‘with or without’ Zayn Malik, who left the group in March.

We will miss the boys but we wish them all the luck in the world.


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