Except for one unlucky guy

If you were a member of the biggest boyband in the world at the moment, One Direction, you’d think that you could be with any girl in the world.

Well, that might be the case for the other guys – including Zayn Malik, we’re sticking to OG-1D – but poor Niall Horan has been left at the wayside. In fact, some eagle-eyed Directioners may have stumbled onto a conspiracy…

Are the boys purposefully stealing the girls that Niall likes?

GIF One Direction Steal My Girl


Here’s the evidence:


At some point in their career, he has said he fancied the ‘blonde one’ from Little Mix (that’s Perrie Edwards to you and me). So not only did Zayn leave the band, he got engaged to Perrie, who could’ve been Niall’s one true love. We don’t know that, but it could be true. That’s a double-blow to poor Niall.

One Direction Niall Horan Crying GIF

Next up: could One Direction hope to be up to the standards of the world-class Kardashian clan? Well Niall, perhaps in jest, perhaps with a little bit of hope in his little Irish heart, suggested he fancied model Kendall Jenner.

Little did he know that fellow heartthrob Harry Styles would saunter in with his hair and his alternative tops and catch the eye of one of the most attractive celebrities in the world. Niall didn’t even get a look in. Poor, poor Niall.

One Direction Niall Horan Crying GIF

Then finally there’s Cheryl. No one has a chance with Cheryl. Cheryl is that next-level attractive where your bone marrow morphs into gravel and you just end up sweating and crying in their face. So sure, way back in the day, when asked who his celebrity crush was, he of course answered Cheryl.

Little did he know that Liam Payne – Liam! The sensible one! Probably settle down in a three bedroom house with a dog Liam! – would eventually run off with Cheryl. The warning signs probably should have been when he was working out like a mad-dog and looking super-hot…

Liam Payne preparing for the BRITs

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So there we have it, definitive proof that One Direction always get what they want. Except Niall Horan. Poor, poor, poor Niall. Keep trying buddy, what makes you beautiful is that you don’t know you’re beautiful.

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