According to One Direction's Louis Tomlinson it's not going to be all tears when the band takes a break as they'll be carrying on touring in a different way...

It’s getting painfully close to One Direction‘s last show as a band before they split for a while but instead of making it emotional, they’re planning a ‘LADZ’ holiday instead.


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Louis Tomlinson told Good Morning Britain: ‘‘There’s no doubt we’ll see plenty of each other, we’re gonna plan to go on a little lads’ holiday. Actually it’s just the day to day things, we are like a family now […] it’s like leaving school and leaving your friends behind.’

But like most 18 year-olds leaving college and childhood friends behind, they’re going on a typical lads holiday but will they be swapping a international tour for tacky matching ‘lads on tour’ vests?! We hope so (just for the embarrassing photos!)

Louis added that ‘we’ve spent five years touring every year and even not touring next year is going to be quite bizarre.’

…you mean, I don’t have to frantically search the internet for 1D tickets or camp out in a queue to see them three days before they arrive this year?! Very bizarre.

Louis added that unlike previous tours, the lads aren’t looking forward to a break at the end of this tour they’re ‘counting down the shows thinking, ‘There’s not many left’, so you’re really appreciating every moment’.

Don’t lie Louis we’re all counting down the days until our next holiday too…

So where’s it going to be?! Malia? Zante? Magaluf? Ibiza? I’m personally hoping for Magaluf, because who can imagine the 1D boys in sunny ‘Maga’?!Maybe they’ll even find time to play a cheeky gig at the iconic BCM club…



 Emily Thornhill