Watch Perfect carefully and you might spot how the One Direction lads could spend their days when the band go on hiatus

We’ve all been wondering what the One Direction boys have got planned for their hiatus next year and it looks like they might be dropping some MAJOR clues in the video for new single Perfect.

Yep, if you can look past the dreamy footage of Harry Styles and co looking all, well, dreamy, you might spot little snippets that hint at what their future career paths could be – and it’s pretty exciting!


Liam Payne returns to stage with One Direction

Let’s start with Liam Payne. A mere 30 seconds into the clip and young Liam, 22, is busy hitting the decks on his computer and mixing some tunes.

Now we know that Liam likes creating remixes, having previously does his own take on 1D tracks under the moniker Big Payno, and so we can’t help but wonder if he’s hinting at pursuing this post-split? It would make sense, right?

Then there’s Niall Horan. The first sighting of the Nialler sees him playing golf and, let’s be honest, he’ll probably do that first when the band take a break.

But we’re not suggesting that the Irish cutie is about to become the next Rory McIlory. Further footage shows him strumming away at his guitar looking all Ed Sheeran-esque, so will Niall be the first 1D star to release his own solo music perhaps?

What about everyone’s favourite straggly-haired heartthrob Harry Styles? Other than looking all dreamy (did we mention that already? Oh…), Harry goes all fashion darling and is seen trying on some snazzy jackets and stuff.

He certainly looks happy (and dreamy…) whilst doing so and we’re not really surprised – 21-year-old Harry’s popular on the fashionista circuit after all and often pops up at London Fashion Week and the like.

Could he follow in the footsteps of pal Nick Grimshaw, who’s just released a range for Topman, and launch his own clothing collection? We’d totally buy it, tbh.

Now that just leaves Louis Tomlinson. Ever the cheeky chappy, Louis enjoys plenty of laughs in the Perfect video and also has a bit of a kickabout with bandmate Liam in a hotel (though we wouldn’t recommend doing this in a hotel on a general basis).

Louis, 23, has previously played for his beloved Doncaster Rovers and even tried to be part of a takeover deal last year, though it unfortunately fell through.

Is he hinting at further involvement in the beautiful game? Louis for the next Sir Alex Ferguson, anyone?

Let’s not forget, of course, that Mr Tomlinson has already got one future plan sorted as he’ll become a father for the first time next year. LA-based stylist Briana Jungwirth is expecting his baby and the Perfect video shows that Louis is going to be a pretty fun dad, what with the football and general larks.

We’ll just have to wait and see if these predictions come true but in the meantime let’s watch Perfect again and see what other potential future plans we can spot…

Anna Francis