Peter Andre has teased a 10-minute video from his wedding to Emily MacDonagh - and we really want to see it!

We obsessed over the photos, we had a little cry as we read about the speeches – and still our thirst for juicy details about Peter Andre and Emily MacDonagh‘s wedding isn’t quenched!

But Pete could be about to throw some more insider info about the gorgeous couple’s big day our way after he revealed he has video footage from the wedding that he’s desperate to share with his fans.

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Peter teased the footage during an interview on This Morning to promote his new album, Come Fly With Me, earlier today.

Host Phillip Schofield asked the singer: ‘Is it true that you were talking about releasing some of your footage from your wedding online?’

Pete responded: ‘Well, we filmed the whole wedding, but there was a 10 minute highlight video and we watched it and I was like, ‘I’d just love to let everyone see it’ because it is that good.’

Ooh, we want to see that video footage SO BAD. Come on Pete, let us have it!

And it seems Pete is still struggling to get over how beautiful his bride Emily looked on their wedding day back in July, as he was left near-speechless when Phil asked him what their big day was like.

‘Just incredible in every way,’ Pete said as an image of Emily popped up on the screen.

‘She’s just beautiful. I mean… Incredible,’ he said as he struggled to find the words to express how he felt. Aww!

Of course, the chat also turned to Strictly Come Dancing, with Peter revealing he’ll be doing the rhumba this weekend.

‘I have no idea what it is, I just know that it sounds great!’ the 42-year-old star revealed, adding that he was off to his first rehearsal after the interview.

We look forward to seeing it, Pete – and that wedding video please!